What We Provide

Synaptic Communications is a web technology services company. Since January 1996, we have specialized in the development of data-driven, interactive web applications which deliver rich, dynamic, business-critical content and services to the visitor.

Synaptic’s team of developer/business consultants has years of professional experience developing Internet, intranet, and extranet solutions for Fortune 1000 and mid-sized companies. We unite cutting-edge technical expertise with a keen understanding of business and corporate culture. Synaptic's consultants know the importance of the bottom line.

Synaptic Communications designs, develops, and implements Internet, intranet, and extranet sites and applications using these technologies:

Synaptic offers a wide range of web application development services, including the creation of corporate websites, the development of business productivity applications and their deployment to the corporate intranet, web search engine analysis, and much more.

Synaptic now offers a new service to our clients: the Security Check For Lotus Domino security auditing service. Our security experts partner with your organization's IT department to provide the highest level of protection possible without having your own dedicated, internal security team.

  • IBM Lotus Notes / DominoOpen or Close

    The strength of Lotus Domino comes from its engine, IBM Notes. It is a paradox that Notes did not begin as an Internet- or web-based technology; it was originally a proprietary platform.

    Domino has never been a mere medium for the publication of static pages, or "brochureware." From the beginning, Domino has represented a more dynamic and more powerful vision of collaborative and document-based computing -- greater than what the originators of the web had foreseen.

    Throughout its evolution Domino has brought its expansive vision of collaborative, document-based computing to the web and incorporated all the newest technologies along the way.

    The result is IBM Lotus Domino, a uniquely powerful product and the standards-based platform of choice. It can perform a phenomenal range of Internet, intranet, and extranet applications. Domino can handle everything from business productivity applications -- the workhorses of the corporate intranet -- to the complex and multi-dimensional corporate website.

  • IBM XPagesOpen or Close

    XPages were added to Domino Release 8.5 as a whole new way to develop web and mobile applications, using Domino databases under the hood.

  • JavaOpen or Close

    With the advent of such technologies as Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), Java Beans, JSP, servlets, and Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), Java has matured into an industrial-strength solution for the business problems confronting the contemporary enterprise. Not least among those problems is disparate systems.

    Java -- and this is the secret of its power -- is cross-platform. It is transparent to the rifts and cleavages which fracture today's heterogeneous systems landscape.

    If, like so many businesses today, you are determined to:

    Deploy complex applications to a heterogeneous systems landscape which embraces multiple platforms

    Publish an interactive and multidimensional website to a client base of partners and customers whose platforms you cannot dictate or predict

    then you should seriously consider using Java.

    Java Server Pages (JSP)

    JavaServer Pages (JSP) is an open, industry-standard designed to quickly and easily create web pages that contain dynamic content. JSP uses special tags embedded in an HTML or XML file. Once submitted, the server interprets these tags and any included scriptlets, and generates the content.

    Using JSP, the browser can access a JDBC database or a file through the server. The server then sends the results back in the form of an HTML or XML page to the browser.

    IBM's WebSphere utilizes JSP -- among other technologies -- to quickly transform static web sites into vital sources of dynamic Web content with business logic.

  • Microsoft SQL ServerOpen or Close

    Unlike Lotus Domino, which is document-based, Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system. It excels in the storage, organization, and accessibility of corporate data which does not fit easily into the document model. SQL provides robust and reliable support for the real-time transactions which read, write, or modify that data.

    What renders SQL Server unique is that Microsoft has done more than any other vendor to integrate relational database technology with the web.

    SQL Server is used in conjunction with other members of the Microsoft product family such as the Internet Information Server (IIS), server-side ActiveX components, and Active Server Pages (ASP). It is now possible to build data access into a standard array of web services, transforming any web browser from a browser of static content into an active client of the rich corporate data sources which make up the heart of your business.

    Yes, any web browser: SQL Server solutions liberate the client from platform dependence, since data access and data processing occur at the server, not at the client. Scripts which run at the server dynamically build pages which are displayable by any standard browser.

    If you run Windows NT and are interested in the creation of new data sources for the web or the migration of your existing corporate databases to the web -- be it the Internet or your intranet -- then you should consider an SQL Server solution.

  • Other ToolsOpen or Close

    In addition to Lotus Notes/Domino, IBM WebSphere, Microsoft SQL Server/Active Server Pages, Java, JSP, and their associated technologies, Synaptic Communications also provides expertise in the following toolsets:

    Lotus Instant Messaging (SameTime)


    ACT! for Notes

    JavaScript, VBScript

    Crystal Reports

  • Web App Development ServicesOpen or Close

    Just a few of the web applications development services which are provided by Synaptic Communications:

    Highly Interactive

    Corporate Websites

    Collaborative Computing

    Electronic Commerce

    Chat and Discussion

    Business Productivity Applications

    Extranets and Virtual Private Networks

    Process Automation

    Business to Business

    Knowledge Management

    Secure and Encrypted Communications


    Site Measurement

  • Security Check for Lotus DominoOpen or Close
    Security Auditing Service

    Security Check for Lotus Domino is a service provided by Synaptic Communications, Inc. that partners our security experts with your IT department to lockdown your resources from external and internal threats.

    The Security Check for Lotus Domino consists of three main components:

    1. Get to know the vulnerabilities of your network via our Initial Audit
    The audit consists of two parts: (1) an “ethical hacking” analysis to determine which company resources can be located from outside the company; and (2) an on-site examination of your internal Domino security configuration for vulnerabilities. We will recommend which products you can use to create an effective “shield” against new threats.

    2. Stay informed of all new threats via our Security Vulnerability Notifications
    Our security experts are constantly monitoring all the latest security information resources from independent security organizations and major software vendors to keep on top of all the latest software vulnerabilities as they arise. We then rate the vulnerability’s likelihood. Email alerts are sent to our customers for all high and medium threats.

    3. Review the status of your network via Bi-Monthly Security Scans and Reports
    We provide security monitoring on a scheduled basis to ensure your systems are not exposed to new vulnerabilities as they arise.

  • Internet Search Engine Analysis and Web Site MarketingOpen or Close

    You've created an enticing web site with an important business purpose... but is there a vast audience who cannot even find it?

    What if a potential customer doesn't know your company's name? Or that your company is in that business segment? How will they locate your site?

    Leverage the internet search engines to increase targeted traffic to your site. Surfers use the web search engines when they're ready to "buy" what you're "selling".

    Synaptic works with you to determine your true audience and business goals for your web site, then we utilize our documented process to immediately and dramatically increase traffic long-term. All without paying for any ads.

    Synaptic can help you answer these questions and provide proven solutions.

    Are the internet search engines working for you?

    Which search engines should you target?

    What's the difference between a search engine and a web directory? Which is more important?

    I find plenty of references to my company on the web and my site gets thousands of hits every month, why do I need to perform an analysis or do anything else?

    How do I keep up with the varying rules and different methodologies used by the numerous search engines?

    What are meta tags anyway? (Hint: Meta keywords are only a small part of the equation.)

    How can I get spiders to index my database-driven web site?

  • ROI AnalysisOpen or Close

    You have identified business needs that would benefit from the strategic use of information technology… but how do you prioritize your needs and determine which projects should move forward and which are pie in the sky that do not make economic sense to initiate?
    Synaptic Communications provides business and technology consulting services that will assist you in determining which projects will accomplish your business goals and yield the greatest return on investment.

    After we identify the business opportunities, what next?
    Synaptic Communications utilizes this information along with our knowledge of information technology best practices and our technical expertise to recommend specific software systems that satisfy your business needs while considering your organizational goals. Once the applications are identified, Synaptic works with you to estimate the costs and benefits of the new systems. Synaptic calculates savings conservatively and computes costs aggressively. This will set more realistic expectations and increase the chance of surpassing the return on investment estimates. To identify payback periods, financial analysis is performed in accordance to your internal policies for how capital purchases are amortized.

    Synaptic works with you to identify internal business opportunities that, with the use of information technology, help you achieve your business goals.
    Synaptic Communications provides a report that includes a payback period for each proposed application. Synaptic furnishes a complete description of the assumptions used to estimate costs and savings for each proposed system. Most importantly, Synaptic will facilitate knowledge transfer to one of your representatives as to how Synaptic Communications performed the return on investment analysis. This will allow you to perform the practice yourself in the future as you identify new business opportunities.