About Us

Our Client Focus

Synaptic Communications is a web technology services company. We specialize in the development of interactive web applications that deliver business-critical content and services to the site visitor. Our clients require robust, highly interactive, functional solutions and are committed to the web as an integral part of their overall business strategy.

Synaptic makes the web work for you.

Synaptic works with you to ensure that you have access to effective technologies that help to transform your business, take advantage of new opportunities, and improve operational efficiencies.

Our forte is database integration, collaborative environments, and workflow automation.

Synaptic focuses on the back end: the powerful information engines that collect data about customers or facilitate workflow environments and collaborative communications. These engines may be new and specific for the web, or they may already exist and support your current organization. These information engines are the repositories for the valuable content that differentiates effective web sites from boring and ineffective brochure-ware.

Our web solutions provide value both to you and to your visitors.

Synaptic helps our clients meet their business objectives with minimum impact on their existing resources. Our proven methodology, the five step SHATTER™ Process, allows us to rapidly understand the specific needs of each organization and to propose appropriate solutions, whether we supplement your in-house knowledge or provide expertise for all of your web development needs. Synaptic has an impressive list of blue chip clients. We have distinguished ourselves by the appropriateness of our recommendations and the quality of the systems we deliver.

Our Partner Focus

Synaptic Communications Inc. is a technology company that designs and develops database to web solutions. We create sophisticated web applications through partnering relationships with top-tier design firms and also by working directly with end-users, business professionals, and IT managers. Our clients are committed to the web and require robust, highly interactive, functional web solutions.

We are committed to providing effective solutions and outstanding service so that you can deliver these same benefits to your own customers.

With specialized expertise in Lotus Domino, the Microsoft toolset, and Java development, Synaptic creates powerful, dynamic, and interactive applications that utilize the full functionality of the web. We have two divisions: client services and partner services.

Our client services group employs a powerful five-step methodology to help clients develop solutions to complex business problems and harness the full power of the Internet.

Our partner services organization works with advertising and interactive media agencies and web developers to implement successful marketing and customer service campaigns and powerful online brand images.

We have an impressive list of partners and blue chip references. We have developed business-to-consumer web sites, business-to-business extranets, and intranets. Our partial client listing includes: IBM, State Street Bank, Blue Cross and Blue Shield (and subsidiaries), Sonesta International Hotels Corp., the Giga Information Group, and the Massachusetts Health Data Consortium.

The SHATTER™ Process

Synaptic's structured five-step methodology helps you define, design, and implement web solutions that support your business strategy.
  • Step 1: Project DefinitionOpen or Close

    We create a high-performance focused work team with key players from your company and ours to:

    Define your project with goals that reflect your business strategy

    Establish benchmarks to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget.

  • Step 2: Rapid PrototypingOpen or Close

    In a structured, highly energized, and well-focused environment, the team meets to:

    Give form to your ideas through story boards, business architecture modeling, and workflow maps

    Experiment with new ideas and creative changes, and discuss "what if's"

    Create a prototype for the final product

  • Step 3: Design and PresentationOpen or Close

    Team members from your company present the project to your colleagues to:

    Strengthen company commitment and a feeling of project ownership

    Elicit feedback and drill deeper toward a thorough solution definition

    Educate your company about the details of the project

    At the end of this step, we will have a fixed price/fixed time framework within which to implement the solution.

  • Step 4: Application ConstructionOpen or Close

    In this step, vision becomes reality. During product construction, we:

    Build a compelling product according to established benchmarks and defined goals

    Transfer Synaptic's skills to your employees to ensure your continuing success

  • Step 5: Project ImplementationOpen or Close

    Implementation and operation are critical to success. A web application is of value only if it works. In this critical stage, we:

    Launch the product internally or externally

    Announce the product to your target audience

    Maintain and upgrade the product to anticipate the needs of your users